Tshete Holdings provides Construction, Engineering and Management services offering best   infrastructure development solutions and support to clients.  The scope of our work includes; manufacturing, building and engineering. Manufacturing: Asphalt, Bitumen and Ready-Mix Concrete. Building: RDP Houses, Sanitation Facilities, Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, schools, etc. Tshete maintains impeccable standards of professionalism and quality of service, and has 100% of interest currently held by historically disadvantaged (HDI)

Construction Services Limpopo: Makho Construction (Pty) Ltd

Makho Construction a division of Tshete Holdings is a Building, Civil Engineering and construction company in Limpopo. Makho is capable to handle medium size civil and building construction projects in partnership with our divisions within Tshete Holdings. The construction services include; Bulk Earthmoving, Road Construction, Township Infrastructure and Mining Operations in Limpopo and South Africa.

As part of the general civil engineering and Quantity Surveying services provided by Tshete Engineering, Makho construction has developed a specific expertise in the construction of roads, water and sewer reticulation, concrete structures, bridges and box culverts. Makho Construction has the capacity to complete a project on a turnkey project structure. Hence, it remains the number one construction company in Limpopo and South Africa.

We pursue a personalized service ethic based on quality and exclusivity. We benefit from a wealth of experience and have an understanding of the industry requirements to create and care for our Clients’ investments. Our Clients’ are assured of best construction services Limpopo and South Africa communities and investors look for. Practices based on integrity, working as a team, delivering service excellence and respecting our environment by consistently updating our processes and systems for compliance.


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Residential and Commercial Property

As an experienced construction company in Limpopo, our residential and Commercial property builders in South Africa are stamped with a high mark for absolute quality, and are renowned as being some of the best in the industry. Our building construction team works intimately with clients to design and build homes of their dreams. Every detail – from start to finish – is carefully identified, drawn, shaped and honed to homeowner desires.

We offer residential and commercial Construction Services Limpopo and South African communities want. We design and build according to clients’ specific requirements with the commitment of timely completion of project. Our construction company in Limpopo  has a large team of qualified construction experts, who are efficient enough to fulfill customers’ each and every requirement and execute the project with complete accuracy and reliability.

Our Commercial Construction services Limpopo and South Africa focus on Shopping malls, Office Parks, Educational Facilities, Hotels, casinos and Multi-unit residential housing developments in South Africa.

Make your vision a reality Find out why Makho construction is such respected construction company in Limpopo South Africa and construction builders South Africa and globally. Enquire today.

Our Concrete Products Offered


As a building materials supplier and a brick manufacturer, we ensure that our bricks and products are manufactured in accordance with the SABS standards using the highest quality raw materials. Bricks are produced as a byproduct of cold mix asphalt. A great feature of our bricks is that they are made to withstand all types of weather; whether it is a storm or the scorching sun, bricks will withstand it all, without fail.

Road Construction services Limpopo

Roads Construction

Makho Construction through our many different sectors is able to supply all materials, labour, and equipment needed for road construction services Limpopo and South. We guarantee that our roads have appropriate surfaces suitable for traffic loads, with optimum grip, driving comfort and an above-average service life. Whether working on motorways, country or urban roads, new roads or rehabilitation projects, asphalt or concrete structures, our highly qualified staff devotes their outstanding technical know-how and personal commitment to developing solutions. We provide the full range of road construction solutions in any weather climate.

Bulk Earthmoving

Makho Construction has extensive experience in major bulk earthworks both in the civils and mining sectors.

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Township Infrastructure

Makho Construction can fulfil the complete spectrum of township development including roads, speed pumps and humps, road side walks, etc..


Mining Operations Makho Construction services Limpopo

Mining Operations

Makho Construction provides construction services Limpopo and South Africa to the mining sector effectively and efficiently.



TsheteCrete (Pty) Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of ready mix concrete in Limpopo servicing the whole of South Africa.


Makho Construction a division of Tshete Holdings is a Building and Civil Engineering company in South Africa.


We have grown to be one of the preferred old asphalt manufacturers in South Africa. Tshete Asphalt offers


Tshete QS & Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a multidisciplinary, level 1 BEE, engineering and quantity Surverying Company in Limpopo South Africa.


Tshete Cargo provides freight, transport and trucking services in Limpopo, Pretoria, Gauteng, Durban South Africa and Southern Africa.


From building construction, civil and structural engineering to petro-chemical and mineral extraction, all are areas in which Tshete QS Team are equipped to provide advice.