Tshete Holdings provides Construction, Engineering and Management services offering best   infrastructure development solutions and support to clients.  The scope of our work includes; manufacturing, building and engineering. Manufacturing: Asphalt, Bitumen and Ready-Mix Concrete. Building: RDP Houses, Sanitation Facilities, Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, schools, etc. Tshete maintains impeccable standards of professionalism and quality of service, and has 100% of interest currently held by historically disadvantaged (HDI)


Tshete Cargo and Logistics is the efficient, affordable transport truck hire company offering transport services Limpopo and South Africa. We provides freight, transport and truck hire  services in Limpopo, Pretoria, Gauteng, Durban South Africa and Southern Africa. Transport services offered in Limpopo are primary and secondary transport of ; bulk, breakbulk and general cargo, refrigerated transport, tanker transport of hazardous, non-hazardous and specialised products, container transport, tipper transport, local courier and truck rental services in South Africa.

Our transport services Limpopo and truck hire services Limpopo and South Africa are the cornerstones of our clients’ lean, green, efficient and sustainable supply chains. Our experience, expertise and resources in this area extend way beyond the fundamental business of getting products from A to B. We provide our clients with a superior level of hauling services, with a personal touch in communication, keeping you informed at all times regarding the status of your cargo.


Transport services Limpopo  


We offer dedicated contract carriage. We have tractors, trailers, drivers, and other resources exclusively devoted to serving a set of facilities or lanes in a transportation network. We guarantee capacity, reduced transportation costs and on time delivery.

Are you looking for the best transport services Limpopo can offer, Contact us and find out how we can help with your special cargo.

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Tshete Cargo take pride in offering competitive transport services Limpopo, Pretoria, South Africa and Southern Africa. Needless to say, we have a range of specialised vehicles to ensure the most difficult delivery is made easy when standard vehicles cannot be used. Sensitive and critical cargo or lack of equipment on site is some examples that can impact on the type of vehicle to be used. Our diverse fleet and experience allows us to provide the right solution. Our staff is full trained and experienced in helping and advising on the best use of the specialised vehicles within our fleet to match the desired outcome and effect deliveries in what is a safe and effective manner.

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You need safe, reliable and efficient solutions to transport your food—from ingredients to finished products—and chemical goods. Rely on Tshete Cargo, the best transport company in Limpopo, South Africa and Southern Africa. We are experts in bulk tanker transport for the highest quality service and delivery assurance you require for your dry, semi-liquid and liquid products. We promise same-day deliveries and as-needed customer requirements. We track shipments from origin to destination.

We promise efficient transport services as-needed  WITHIN 24 HOURS)

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Our fleet of owned and managed commodity tippers  vehicle  allows Tshete Cargo to execute volumes exceeding 125,000, positioning the company as one of the leading suppliers of mine logistics solutions for the mining industry.

Road Surfacing Limpopo


We have vast experience in delivering high quality road surfacing in South Africa and we often create savings through alternative design or construction methods.
With access all over South Africa, we provide quality materials at competitive prices, and have production facilities including asphalt plants and ready-mixed concrete production facilities in Limpopo South Africa. We also provide specialised equipment for onsite production.


A well-functioning freight transportation system is an essential element in any transportation and trucking company. Our Transportation Management solutions manage all transportation activity throughout our supply chain, resulting in well managed cargo, reduced freight costs for our clients and accountability.

If you’re in the market for transport services company in Limpopo to cost effectively transport your precious cargo Tshete Cargo is your number one choice. We continue to utilize new technology such as electronic logs so that we get your cargo intact to its destination and on time. No load is too big or too small for us to handle. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you. We guarantee convenient transport services Limpopo and South Africa, Where ever you need your cargo to be.


TsheteCrete (Pty) Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of ready mix concrete in Limpopo servicing the whole of South Africa.


Makho Construction a division of Tshete Holdings is a Building and Civil Engineering company in South Africa.


We have grown to be one of the preferred old asphalt manufacturers in South Africa. Tshete Asphalt offers


Tshete QS & Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a multidisciplinary, level 1 BEE, engineering and quantity Surverying Company in Limpopo South Africa.


Tshete Cargo provides freight, transport and trucking services in Limpopo, Pretoria, Gauteng, Durban South Africa and Southern Africa.


From building construction, civil and structural engineering to petro-chemical and mineral extraction, all are areas in which Tshete QS Team are equipped to provide advice.