Tshete Holdings: Partnership between Tshete and funding organisations to boost contractors building RDPs to speed up construction delivery

24 Nov 2017
Tshete Holdings has partnered with funding organisations such as COGSTA to boost contractors building RDP houses to complete their projects on time. In this case, Tshete serves as a mediator between the contractors and the department. When a contractor has inadequate funds to purchase building material, Tshete will purchase the building material on behalf of the contractor. Since a partnership exists between the funder, Tshete and the contractor, payment from the funder is done through Tshete. This process together with the agreements between the three parties boosts progress and the financial standing of the contractor. Primarily this partnership is what Tshete aims to continually provide for the success of RDP housing projects.

By: Mulondo Nethengwe

Project Management Support Given to Small Contractors

Tshete is one of the fastest growing engineering companies in Limpopo and is performing exceptionally when it comes to the provision of materials and services to various contractors. Project management is one of the services that has improved the construction delivery as well as the relationship between a contractor and a client. Tshete Holdings trains contractors with the necessary skills and knowledge to increase their service delivery times to their clients. In instances where a client appoints an inexperienced contractor, Tshete comes in to illustrate cash flow projections and project planning. This type of support gives contractors an aided advantage for them to deliver appropriate services to their clients timeously.

By: Mulondo Nethengwe

Swaziland: Tshete Holdings expands operations outside South Africa

One of the Project Managers and the Fleet Manager from Tshete Holdings were able to present the company’s products to some municipalities within South Africa. The team was in a position to demonstrate enhanced techniques on how to fix potholes. Firstly, the pothole is then cleaned thoroughly by removing all the dirt and debris. A rake, spade and a hard brushed broom are the essential tools that are used to clean the pothole. After that, Tshete Asphalt is poured into the pothole and spread evenly across the entire pothole dimensions. The use of a roller compacter for levelling is the last step performed in the demonstration since Tshete Asphalt is a self-primer that does not require the addition of water to it.

By Mulondo Nethengwe

TshetCrete: Assisting local contractors to implement their RDP project by providing quality and reliable Ready-Mix Concrete

TshetCrete aids contractors in accomplishing all their projects without being concerned about the quality and durability of the product at hand. Before the provision of the Ready-Mix Concrete and bricks proceeds, contractors are given information about the company and how the product can complete a particular project. The concrete is regularly tested to ensure that maximum quality is obtained. TshetCrete values the projects that the local contractors undertake as they form part of the company’s ever-expanding market.

Given that there are different types of contractors, TshetCrete is also aware that their financial statuses vary. The Department of Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA) assists contractors that are not financially equipped to start a project upon appointment. A session-based agreement will be carried out between CoGHSTA, TshetCrete and the contractor. This agreement basically highlights that claims for materials supplied to the contractor by Tshete will be collected directly from CoGHSTA. This enables contractors to proceed with work even though their funds may be inadequate.

Our clients are esteemed immensely and TshetCrete continues to exercise paramount measures to guarantee that projects using Ready-Mix Concrete are completed with excellence.

By Mulondo Nethengwe

Tshete Asphalt: Training Municipalities on how to patch potholes

Tshete Holdings has made tremendous strides in training Municipalities on how to patch potholes correctly. The methods are done effortlessly as a demonstration of Tshete Asphalts’ ease of use.

The pothole is first identified, outlined and cut out in a square or rectangular shape. Then it is cleaned by removing debris and fragments. The tools essential for this exercise are a rake, spade and a hard brushed broom. Upon having a clean pothole, Tshete Asphalt is poured and spread evenly across the dimensions of the hole and a roller compacter is used to level the hole. Tshete Asphalt does not require any priming and additional water.

This kind of training has been done commendably in areas under The Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Makhado Municipality, Bela-Bela Municipality, Lephalale Municipality, Lepelle Nkumpi Municipality, Waterberg district and The Greater Sekhukhune District. When the demonstration is over, a respectable response has been received from various municipalities that use Tshete Asphalt.

By Mulondo Nethengwe

Tshete Holdings: Free business Grants

Tshete Holdings is offering government grants in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The grant is a cost sharing funding scheme aimed at assisting black owned businesses to empower them and thereby improving issues of unemployment. For an applicant (contractor) to be eligible for the grant, the annual turnover should be between R250 000.00 to R35 million and should be VAT registered. A business plan, a three (3) year financial statement, BEE certification and the company should be at least be 51% black owned also form part of the requirements for the grant. Furthermore the applicant should check that their tax clearance certificate, list of employees and certified copies of identity documents are in order. Tshete is playing the role of being corporately responsible when it comes to implementing the BEE programme.

Since the time when the programme was implemented, approximately 30 companies have been successfully assisted. Tshete Holdings is looking forward to attract and assist as many companies as possible in partnership with DTI.

By Mulondo Nethengwe